Analytical Services



Additional GLP Analytical Services

We offer several additional analytical services in addition to our standard GLP compound recertification.

NMR - Quantitative 1H NMR also available wherein a known weight of external reference standard is used to determine compound potency
HPLC Purity - this can sometimes be used for extension of CoA validity
Karl Fischer titration - for water content
Optical Rotation


We are a registered DEA lab with a DEA analytical license for Schedules I to V controlled compounds.

Non-GLP, analytical data only service is available for other analytical instruments available in-house such as LC-MS, GC-MS, DTA/TGA, FT-IR, etc - Please inquire if you have such a need.


How It Works

Simply send us your compound with an Analytical Services Submission Form or Sample Recertification Submission Form. We will complete the requested analytical services and email you the Certificate of Analysis or results, depending on the service requested.