Custom Synthesis Services

Custom Synthesis

Our core business is in the small-scale (milligram to gram) custom-synthesis of organic compounds as certified primary analytical reference standards

With decades of combined experience, we are experts in the synthesis of stable labeled APIs and metabolites. Our extensive experience allows us to place deuteriums in the most stable positions to limit exchange, which ensures the quality of your assay.

We are a registered DEA facility for synthesis of controlled compounds.

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Catalog of Compounds

Catalog of Ref Stds

We carry a large number of Certified Analytical Reference Standards in-stock that are ready to ship within 1-3 business days.

A number of these compounds required challenging synthesis, and had little or inadequate literature references.

Each reference standard that we ship is accompanied by Certificate of Analysis that was generated using analytical data obtained prior to packaging of the compound. This ensures that the CoA accurately reflects the reference standard that was shipped.

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Analytical Services

Analytical Services

We offer full compound certification and recertification services, which includes a comprehensive Certificate of Analysis, along with all supporting documentation. Analytical techniques offered include UV HPLC, LC-MS, NMR, Karl Fischer titration for moisture content, Specific Optical rotation, Melting Point, and Combustion elemental analysis. All analytical work for such certification is carried out following GLP protocols.

In addition, we also offer basic analytical data only services at a low cost. This includes NMR services and LC-MS data.

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