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GLP Certification/Recertification

We offer full compound certification and recertification services, which includes a comprehensive Certificate of Analysis, along with copies of all supporting data/documentation. All analytical work is conducted following GLP protocols.

Standard certification includes:
UV HPLC Purity Analysis - Summed Absorbance over multiple wavelengths via Diode Array Detection
Mass Spectrometry Analysis - LC/MS for m/z confirmation
1H NMR Analysis - 1D Proton NMR for molecular structure confirmation.
The potency value would be an estimate and is often adequate for SIL reference standard

We recommend addition of Quantitative 500 MHz proton NMR (qNMR) for accurate potency determination.
The qNMR potency value is independent of the types of impurities that might be present.

In absence of adequate compound UV absorbance, the recertification can be done using:
Quantitative 500 MHz proton NMR for potency and structure confirmation and
Mass Spectrometry analysis for m/z confirmation

500 MHz Quantitative Proton NMR

UV HPLC Purity

Karl Fischer Water Titration

Chiral UV HPLC and/or Optical Rotation

A presentation that discusses various aspects of CoA can be found here: Powerpoint presentation on CoA requirements for reference standards

Other analysis that are available as add-on include (additional fees and sample requirements apply)1: 13C NMR; 31P NMR; 19F NMR; Karl Fischer Titration; Optical Rotation; Melting Point; Combustion CHN Elemental Analysis (outsourced);

Link to: Current analytical services price list

We also offer a number of basic low cost analytical data only service without any data interpretation assistance for techniques such as NMR, UV-HPLC, LC-MS, GC-MS, DTA/TGA using in-house instruments.

Submitting an organic compound for analysis is a simple process:
1. Fill in our web-based Analytical Services Submission Form
2. Send us your compound with copy of email your will receive
3. We will complete the requested analytical services and email you the Certificate of Analysis or results

Please contact us if you need same-day analysis (at higher cost), we will do our best to meet your needs.*

We are a registered DEA facility with license for analysis of controlled compounds (DEA Schedule I to V).

Quality Matters

Our compound certification service includes a comprehensive Certificate of Analysis and all supporting analytical data. All analytical work is carried out following GLP protocols.

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*Compound must be received by 11 AM for same-day service, along with advance notice. Same-day results will be delivered by 8:00 PM central time and cost more than our standard. 1-3 business day service.
1Some services may not available for same-day service. Please inquire prior to submitting an analysis request for same-day service.