NMR Spectra


We have decided to keep it simple, so we can provide the level of service and turnaround time you require. We are currently offering the following most common NMR analysis without detailed interpretation obtained on either a 300 MHz Varian/Agilent instrument or 500 MHz Bruker (different pricing):

1H (Proton) NMR
13C NMR, 19F NMR,31P NMR

We are a registered DEA lab with a DEA analytical license for NMR testing on Schedule I to V compounds.

The 300 MHz Varian NMR has 4 channel probe. The Bruker 500 MHz NMR has BBI ATM probe tunable to a range of nuclei/frequencies. We can provide quote for 2D NMR data for your sample solution. The concentration, T1 time (magnetization recovery time) and T2 time (hence linewidths) in its proton NMR influence 2D NMR data acquisition time. 2D Data interpretation service is offered at $200/hr - the total time required is dependent on complexity of the problem that needs to be addressed by the 2D data and cannot be predicted with reasonable accuracy.

We also offer QNMR (Quantitative 500 MHz Proton NMR) service wherein a known weight of another well characterized reference standard is added and its NMR resonance intensity compared with that of the sample being analyzed in order to accurately determine potency of active ingredient in the sample. We can also accurately determine potency (mg/mL) of a compound in solution using this method.

Service Guarantee

We understand that you need to make decisions quickly and you do not have the luxury of waiting several days for analytical results. At Chemtos, we guarantee that if same-day service is requested, you will receive your 1H (Proton) NMR test results the same day that we receive the sample1.

For 13C NMR data acquisition, 20+ mg is required and sometimes same day service is not possible. We guarantee 2-3 business day analytical results for most services.2


1H (Proton) 300 MHz NMR data acquisitions are as low as $69 per sample.  Guaranteed same-day service is available at higher cost. Our standard fixed prices for analytical services are listed in our price-list.

Contact us for pricing on other NMR experiments, including data on our 500 MHz NMR instrument and 2D NMR data. We offer 2-3 business day service on most experiments, but some could require longer data acquisition time.

Need additional analytical testing? Other analytical testing and Certification/Recertification services are also available.

How it Works

Simply send us your compound with an Analytical Services Submission Form. We will complete the requested analytical services and email you the Certificate of Analysis or results, depending on the service requested.

1Compound must be received by 11 AM central time for same-day service. Same-day results will be delivered by 8:00 PM central time. 5 mg minimum required for same-day 1H NMR.  Same-day guarantee limited to client's first five samples per day.
2 20 mg minimum required for next-day 13C NMR.